Snow Removal and Sanding

Snow Removal

Specializing in residential snow removal, we offer reliable, quality snowplowing in the Anchorage area.

Our system has been tested and refined over the last 10 years to give you the best possible service.  Through our network of drivers, you will have YOUR plow person, an experienced operator who learns the quirks of your property, AND if for some reason that person can't make it out, we will make sure that your driveway gets cleared.

Rates are based on the size of the area to be cleared and difficulty of clearing that area.

For a free quote, please email us your contact information and the property address.


Don't slip and slide around your driveway.  Give us a call! 

For most residential homes, sanding is $50 per application.

For larger driveways and commercial properties, sanding is $100 per cubic yard of material applied.

Packed Snow and Ice

Our Bobcat can break through packed snow and ice to get your driveway back to that rut-free, winter-has-just-started look.  

We can also re-stack your snow storage area, compacting it to save space and avoid expensive haul-offs.

Snow Haul Outs

If your snow storage area is bursting beyond the help of the Bobcat and you have nowhere else left to pile snow, we can schedule a haul out for you.  

Rates vary based on the amount of snow to be hauled and the distance to the nearest snow dump.

Shoveling and Roof Maintenance

When the snow piles up, call us to ease the strain on your rafters.  

We also offer porch and sidewalk clearing to customers on our snowplowing routes.